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Answers To Your Frequently Asked Questions
Q: I had a fire coming from my control panel, do I have a leak in my hose or valve?
A: More likely than a leak, you have an obstruction in your venturi tubes. These are the tubes that are connected to the burner and attach to the valves. To solve problem, remove burner from grill and clean the burner and venturi tubes. Be sure to leak test system after re-installing the burner.

Q: I went to refill my gas bottle and the attendant told me my tank could not be filled, and that I needed to buy a new tank. My tank is only 6 years old?!?
A: As of April 1, 2002 in compliance with National Fire Protection Code 58 (NFPA 58), propane cylinders without an Overfill Prevention Device (OPD) cannot be refilled. All tanks manufactured after October 1, 1998 are OPD equipped. You can determine if your tank is in compliance by looking at the hand-wheel. An OPD tank has a triangular handle and is stamped OPD. A tank with a round hand -wheel is not in compliance and cannot be refilled. .

Q: I have an OPD tank and my propane filling station just told me "My tank is out of date and I need a new one"
A: Tank manufacturers started making OPD tanks in 1998. Propane tanks have a stamp on the side of the collar that states "Must be requailified 12 years from manufacturing date." The tank is stamped with the manufacturing date on the collar (month/year). You can choose to find a facility that will recertify your tank for an additional five years, or you can buy a new tank.

Q: The paint on the inside of my grill is peeling, can I repaint it?
A: The inside of your grill was never painted. The "peeling paint" is just built up grease. The inside cover is very easy to clean if you remove the hood from the grill by the cotter pins in the back. Be extra careful cleaning it if the hood is porcelain so as not to chip it.

Q: I have a older Weber/Ducane grill that has a quick disconnect tank that is not OPD equipped. I went to buy a new tank and the tank they sold me does not fit on my grill?.
A: Tank manufacturers no longer make quick disconnect tanks. We can make a change to your grill that will allow you to use any standard 20lb propane tank.

Q: I have a very low flame and the grill down not get hot enough to cook??
A: The tank is equipped with an excess flow valve that limits the flow of gas in case of a leak. The procedure in turning the grill on/off is essential to not engage this valve. First disconnect and reconnect the tank, turn the tank on slowly, then turn the grill knobs on and light the grill. When turning off the grill turn the knobs off at the grill first, then shut the tank off.
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