Big Green Egg

The Ultimate Cooking Experience

Highest Quality: State-of-the-art ceramic technologies provide the best thermal properties, material quality and cooking performance.
Versatility: Grilling, roasting, smoking or baking.
Lasts a Lifetime: comes with a Best-In-Class limited lifetime warranty, standing behind the product for over forty years.

Authorized Gold Dealer Stocking

at least five EGG sizes
Big Green Egg Charcoal
100+ of the most popular EGGcessories
1+ Cooking Islands & Tables
Big Green Egg Sauces & Seasonings

The Staff at The Bar-B-Que Barn are EGGsperts, they have been selling and cooking on The Big Green Egg for many years. You will often find someone cooking on the Egg on the patio or feel free to come by and have us show you how easy it is to light it up. We offer free assembly and ground level delivery is available.